It's time to study abroad in Fukuoka!!


September 23rd: The Day I Never Saw

Since I’m now in Fukuoka time, I’m switching to their days. Soooo, I’ll be considering writing about Tuesday and Wednesday all in one, because Tuesday really didn’t exist for me. Literally. I skipped like 20 hours of it, or some other math number of it. Yeah.

This will be done in two parts, though no readers will probably notice cause I’ll just be writing it in two parts, not posting it. And yes, I have to explain that even though it doesn’t actually matter. Or at least I’ll try to. I’m scared to charge my laptop in Korea, buuuutttt anyway.

So that 13 hour flight man. TBIT is actually a terminal that is located outside of the normal airport. So I had to quickly run outside, run down the block late night in LA, run through a different security, and stand in line for about 40 minutes until we all boarded. YAY. It turns out the flight was only 12 hours long – WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT!! It was simultaneously the best, and worst, flying experience I’ve ever had. Worst because OH MY GOD 12 HOURS OF NOTHING, and best because….well… I’ll call the airline Portable Air Airline, cause I don’t believe in free advertisement right at this moment. So, Portable Air Airline is THE BEST airline in existence. Keep in mind I was Economy class. I got two free meals that were as filling as freakin Thanksgiving, one snack pack that either had the most delicious pretzels known to man in it or I was starving (possibly both), a blanket, a pillow, SLIPPERS, and I don’t know how many free drinks – OJ, hot tea, water, Sprite, FREE ADVERTISEMENT OVERLOAD!!!!!

But yeah, proof you don’t need first class. You just need a good carrier man.

So then it’s time for Korea. Thank god someone decided putting English everywhere was a good idea, because I would honestly be lost at this point otherwise. But it’s everywhere. So, after following some signs for a while, I went through security for the 1297492 time, making the 12 hour journey oh so worth it.

Okay, so the one thing that gets me about security is that it’s never consistent. Even in the US, each airport SAYS the same things need to be taken out, but they don’t really give you a good list. “So, laptops and liquids. What, other devices? If they’re smaller than a laptop, leave them in. We’ll just be asking you to come back and rescan each of them individually and then wonder why you didn’t remove them originally, and then sigh heavily when you DO take all of them out next time cause you’ll be holding up the line. No worries though, we won’t give you any more information.”


International security at Korea? The lady calmly asks the two people in line to remove everything from their bag remotely electronic, hands you the bins, and all that jazz.


But anyway, at Korea. Landed at around 4 am, and no idea what gate to go to cause I don’t leave here for eight hours. However, the place is HUGE. There are full places that are designed just for people to sleep in or waste time, and there are even charge zones for all sorts of different plug ins. Of course, the one I need is the one that never works, so I’m now sitting at gate 16, have no idea otherwise where I am, and I’m happily typing away on my laptop while messaging my mother on –insert name of free texting app here—cause I’m pretty sure my phone won’t work so far out east.

If I can find it, there will be a special picture in the next post. But I have to find the poster thing again before I leave. Shouldn’t be too hard, but I’m lazy, and this chair is surprisingly comfortable.

Well, I said that this would be in two parts, but you’ll never know if I lied or not. But yeah, I lied. I’m going to go ahead and post this as Tuesday, cause time zones made that day sort of not exist for me anyway.

I realize most of this information is meaningless, but that’s all that’s really happened so far. I’m travelling. I’m getting on planes. I’m running through airports. And I’m cranky as shit because I haven’t slept, so naturally I see all of the negative in everything before I’ll see the positive. But anyway, it’s time to entertain myself for the next 4 hours. I’ll probably post again later today – WAAAYYYY later. It’ll be tomorrow for most of you peeps, but consider that it’s technically 7 am for me.

…..I want a chai latte…….



September 22nd: The Journey Has Begun…..

So basically this is the start to my blog/journal that everyone gets to read. I’m supposed to make an entry every day, and I needed to start as soon as my study abroad experience started.. I had no idea what constituted “the first day” of my study abroad experience – and I AM pretty much just writing this for a scholarship, not gonna lie (actually, I have no idea if blogs count, BUT I’m also keeping a journal, soooo SYSTEM OVERLOAD) – so I decided to start with the first day of travel. One could argue that my journey actually started about a week ago, when I began to panic and constantly pack, and unpack, all of my items. Daily.

One could also argue that my experience started about a year ago when I began applying and had to wade through the seas of paperwork – and deal with the whole getting kicked out, almost  being put on labor probation, and all of that crap. Not to mention the running around, getting 838947 signatures on 3976 different papers, all the while still dealing with actual school and labor.

Yeah, one could argue those points. But I’m choosing to ignore this so called “one,” and move on with the actual blogging thing with the words and the not confusion.

I’ll try to remember to add the date or something into the name of the blog, but pretty much my day started at 10 am on September 22nd (2014). My creative writing professor would cry if he saw that I just stated the date so bluntly in my writing…or he would just mention something about “setting” or “sense of place,” and then mention something about using potted plants in stories. Luckily, he’s not reading this, so any headache he would have gotten won’t affect his job performance. Any-who, I woke up and immediately had to resist the urge to go through my suitcase again, telling myself there were more important things to deal with. Like smelling good. And laundry. To…shove into the suitcase… ANYWAY, more important things.

So I made myself smell like a human being with the cleansing power of hot water, and shoved the last articles of clothing – as well as another pair of shoes, some chargers, some drink mix things, and other random crap I found that I thought could potentially probably be a bit almost useful to mostly me in perhaps the potentially not-that-far-off future.


Fast forward to the whole leaving thing. My brother was driving me to the CVG Cincinnati airport, which was about a 2 hour drive from where I was staying in Ohio. So….he drove me to the airport, he left, I lived through security, and then got on a plane. Not really anything exciting. Hell, the flight wasn’t exciting either. I nearly dozed off several times. I DID figure out shortly before we landed that my phone had been turned on the entire time. My phone that has not the knowledge of what airplane mode is because it’s an old flip phone – THE ONLY KIND OF PHONE I’LL EVER OWN. Seriously though, I love flip phones.

Next flight. Well, in the airport, I went to the wrong terminal, ran to the right one, stood in a line for about 34 minutes, and then boarded as part of group 5 after standing in the pits of hellfire after the staff injected jalapeno juice STRAIGHT INTO MY VAINS – otherwise known as the Denver airport, the hottest place EVER. There was a really sweet lady who pointed out a rainbow to me, and another nice lady who had an ocean-themed purse who spoke to me about how we were all going TO MELT INTO A PILE OF BLOBBY SWEAT AND FIRE, but that was about it for that flight. Well, then again, there was a woman on the plane who accidentally sat in my aisle seat, but she ended up just giving me her window seat, so we’re, like, besties now, cause she’s the best person ever. Don’t know her name, don’t remember what she looks like, but we’re close man. Close.

So that was Denver and LA. TECHNICALLY, that’s the end of the first day of my journey, according to my laptop clock. It’s currently around 10 here in LA, but it’s past midnight in Berea. But I’ll at least include this airport’s adventures in this post.

What I learned: Chai lattes ARE SENT FROM WHATEVER RELIGIOUS FIGURE(S) YOU OR WHATEVER RELIGION YOU SUBSCRIBE TO/FOLLOW BELIEVES IN. They are delicious. End of story. Also, apparently cold sandwiches cost $19379028397230280 dollars. They’re delicious, freshly made, and are made from REAL BREAD, but still. $02975073-5827836270o5903286oieuyhtpo12829347 is a bit much for a sandwich, no matter how good it is.

Internet isn’t believed in at this airport, and I have no idea where my flight will be leaving from – see, it says TBIT, which I assume is like TBA, but there’s no way of knowing because GOOGLE RUNS ON INTERNET. Well, I could just ask someone, but I’m socially awkward and will just wait until about 45 minutes until my flight leaves to actually consider that asking would be a good idea. And I’ve got about 3 hours until that happens. BRING ON THE 13 HOUR FLIGHT!!! …or not….that would be nice too….. : ( 13 hours…..

Mmmmmmmmm, chai latte……..