It's time to study abroad in Fukuoka!!

October 2nd

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There was an opening ceremony at the Ito campus today. My only regret is bringing a dress as formal wear. It did remind me of a lovely wedding I attended, but my god do I wish I had worn pants.

The campus itself was gorgeous and enormous. The food wasn’t too bad, and it was equipped with its own conbini and in-campus transportation. Sadly, the community around the campus is still in the making, so there wouldn’t be much to do around there even if it was used for JTW students.

Beyond that, I don’t remember anything really exciting happening. Sooooo, here: have a tour of my room. Yaaaaaaayyyyy.

My lovely front door, with some nice shoes in front of it. All fancy and junk, I know. When entering the room, directly to your left is this little thing, which currently doesn’t smell too nice cause of these bad boys and the rain. To your right, there is a set of three wardrobes: the first one is relatively empty, besides some gifts from Ohio and some FUCKING USELESS COINS SENT FROM HELL (1 yen and 5 yen coins – everyone’s future gifts from Japan cause THERE’S NO OTHER FREAKING USE FOR THESE FUCKING THINGS); the second one contains what I THOUGHT would be enough clothing for Japan; the third basically just contains my suitcase and some other random junk, where the drawers beneath it hold my bathroom supplies.

Which brings me to the lovely bathroom! Complete with my own toilet, sink, and shower/tub! And that was all directly in front of the third wardrobe.

Next to the third wardrobe is my very own fridge/freezer, which currently holds basically nothing. Aaaannnnddd then there’s my messy desk, my incorrectly made futon, and a little drawer thing next to it that holds most of what I own. Yay!!!

So that’s the layout of my room. Nothing fancy, but it works for me. It’s usually neater than this, bbbbuuuuutttt I was lazy today.


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